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A published author and journalist with 15+ years experience, I can help you:

learn how to write books (AND GET THEM PUBLISHED)

write as your side hustle

switch careers into journalism

When I was Exec Editor at HuffPost, I was in charge of the blogs team and our lifestyle editorial strategy which covered pitching, creating good journalism. All of it required good structure, knowing what makes a good idea and how to execute it. On top of that, I’ve also published a book called Chase The Rainbow and am working on my second, as well as continuing work as a freelance journalist working for Grazia, The Guardian, Red, Stylist and i News to name a few. My career has also spanned working across print and digital.

I’m a firm believer that if you have passion, a writing career or side project doesn’t have to be the preserve of those with a journalistic or English degree background. So to that end, I’ve created coaching sessions which will help identify what you are passionate about in the world of writing and how to get there. I’ve got a vast network of experts and my style of teaching is organised, supportive and tailored around you. Above all, it’s to give you that spark of confidence to pursue something you truly love.

A short list of what 60-minute coaching sessions cover:

  • Full assessment of what you want and timelines you want to achieve it

  • Goal-orientated, structured plan

  • Regular check ins (if requested) on progress

  • Quantifiable goals and pillars for success

  • Expert advice on pitching, forming ideas and how to put that into motion

  • Honest advice, confidence-boosting and focus-driven

  • Where appropriate, teeing advice across how to promote your work

Cost: Over Skype, a first session of 90 minutes is £190. Thereafter it’s £150. In person, it will be based in central London in a lovely, calm environment, and is £190 at a flat rate. Email: