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Curated by author, award-winning journalist and public speaker Poorna Bell

Former Executive Editor for HuffPost UK, Poorna has experience in senior leadership and navigating wellness, female advancement and BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) visibility in corporate companies.

As co-founder of the internal women's group at Oath, mentor and journalism that covers women's empowerment, intersectional feminism and gender equality issues, she is plugged into big issues facing modern women.

She is also a mental health and wellbeing activist named as a Top 100 Wellness Personality by Balance magazine, a speaker at the biggest NHS-led event of the year and a 2018 Mind Media Awards judge.

Poorna has also published a book Chase The Rainbow (Simon & Schuster) which touches on mental health, modern masculinity, addiction, male suicide, and her second book In Search Of Silence - about the search to find a meaningful life beyond societal expectations - will be out in 2019.

She has hosted, run, chaired events at WeWork, Soho House, Twitter, Mediacom, Wellbeing at Work conference, DAWN, WACL, Bestival and Wilderness Festival to name a few.