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Next event: 25 April 2019
How to deal with the basic b*tch that is imposter syndrome Location: Fulham, London
What’s it about: Imposter syndrome is so much more than self doubt - at its worst, it prevents you from trying for fear of failure. Or, it means that even when you do get your dream job, or achieve something, you can never fully enjoy it because you're always looking for the trap door.

This FML: Fix My Life Workshop will be split into two parts. The first hour starts promptly at 6.30pm and will be run by Poorna Bell, who will deliver an introduction, imposter syndrome as it related to her career working in corporate life for 8 years and as a freelancer currently. We'll look at the importance of language, practical exercises and ways to identify and confront your imposter syndrome. FML is all about giving you the tools to find what works for you - no sermonising, just real talk and helpful tips. We will also address the idea of failure.

The second hour will be Poorna in conversation with Anita Bhagwandas, award-winning journalist and ex Beauty Director for Stylist. Anita has been beauty editor at Women's Health and Marie Claire to name a few, and is an expert brand consultant. Anita will be talking to Poorna about imposter syndrome, and the other layers of identity that feed into that from being plus size, a woman of colour, using difference as an empowering tool, achieving levels of success and how to cope with it, as well as notions of beauty.

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